Week 1

Here we go!

The party returned to Pelorum with the remainder of the King’s Detachment. Though the invasion of Jeru was a failure, the defense of the Pelorium Channel had been a success with many of the Jeru soldiers now dead at the bottom of the sea. The retreat to Pelorum, however, brought disaster. The King had died before the final departure and we were left with General Lin to return the crown and sword to the homeland. The journey was cold and quiet. On the far shore, the crowds gathered but no words were spoken. No parades were to greet the returning soldiers. No celebrations in the name of The Light. Only confusion, uncertainty and the shadows of intrigue were to be found. The party returned the crown and the sword to the Arch Bishop of Pelor. Both of the kings brother’s were eager to claim the party’s interest and devotion. They both claimed that they had seen a letter that guaranteed them the kingdom the next day. Given that both brother’s made the claim, the party decided to investigate. After searching, lying, hiding and other-wise making fools of themselves, they recovered the King’s Satchel, only to find it contained no letters.


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