You have had an interesting introduction into the world. Most of what you know so far has come from your own experience, however earlier in all of your lives you became acquainted with “A History of Our World” an extensive work written by famed historian “Kyrian Wren”. Though it was written over a century ago it is still the foremost authority on the world’s history. An interesting fact when you consider that almost nothing is known about the author. In fact recently a debate has risen then Kyrian may have been a woman and not a man as everyone has always assumed. This goes to show how little we know about the writer, however it is generally accepted that it was written shortly after the rise of Pelorum and that the author was a Pelorite. Included here are a few excerpts from the book that every schoolchild has hear, which may be helpful to you.

“The history of Our World is in obvious fact a story. One to which we credit our knowledge of to no more than the Nine Gods, their names be praised. In the first place there was nothing. Never were there not the Gods and ever will the be, but nothing besides. Then the gods spake of existence of mortals. Stealing them form the Primordial realms and bringing them to existence at times not the same. The Humans first and at sundry times all others were brought to the mortal plane by the power of the Gods. Placed on various planes and worlds for the purpose know to the Nine only and their purpose be praised.”

“Of the other gods jealousy existed and the mortals were granted the tools of destruction. And in the worlds some chose to kill and serve the others while some chose to work and serve the Gods. Thus the struggle continues of the others and the Gods to this day. And our world was created in tribes each according to his kind in the beginning days. And in those days brutality ruled the world.”

The author goes on to talk about things from the old days, but from these first two paragraphs you can see just how serious the Pelorites are about their religeon. There are multiple chapters on the rise of Pelorum and one of those is devoted specifically to the characteristics of the founder himself. This is the important bit though with some exclusions made.

“The man Pelor raised up his armies of peace and in peace marched. Preaching nothing but peace to all the tribesmen and gathering all alike into one.” (Here there is a juicy bit about the sexual process of inducting new tribes into the collective nation) “The sword was the word and none but that was used, save in case of bringing peace” (Yes peace is used alot, but in this case there is a debate on whether the author was trying to use a nicer way of saying they killed everyone who wouldn’t keep the peace or if it was all about peace. The author is vauge on this point.) “And there was now raised up a city for the prasing of the Nine. The City being named Pelorum in honor of him who is Lord of the Nine. And temples for all of the Nine surrounding that of the Lord of the Nine. Pelor, His name be praised. The man Pelor then ascended his to his crown and sat on the gold seat of his name in his own temple and demanded honor and order in place of praise. Or rather demanded them as his praise. And peace was in all his country. And all came to him for his praise and to glory in peace.”

There is then more about the rise of the kingdom that the 3 Pelorites in the party would know. That might as well have been their bible. But later it talks about the conquering ways of the kingdom in the future. The author wrote this before any of the nomadic tribes had been conquered across the sea. (Yes they were conquered multiple times.) But it does talk a lot about the invasion of Redenland also know as the North Land.

“In the North the peace would not be kept. The Tribes had not ceased to war with on another only banding as one under threat of death. The contest for the crown of Redenland was fierce and would not be controlled by any measure. Where in the south the small Isle of Sunderland had come to the union of the fold of peace the Redenlanders would have to be pushed to do so. It was in this feeling that the armies of Pelorum under his mighty rule gathered to bring peace to the North. In the first place the border was crossed and Accrington was seized. The tribesmen were put down, all who raised a sword and would not lower it then all those who had been in positions of power, from which all barbarianism had sprung. All were put down and raised up in their stead were men of Pelorum who swore to keep the peace.” (Then some laws are discussed basically saying that anyone who isn’t peaceful can be dealt with however the Lord of the town says, mostly beatings, but they could be put to death if the lord thought they should be. And all goods in these colonies were property of the Lord. He gave 50% back to the people and 50% went back to the Pelorum to pay the expenses of fighting a war. After everyone who was alive when the colony was conquered were dead it would become a city of the country and the communism would stop, the tax would go down to 25%.)

The war ended in the battle of Vale just oustide the town of Port Vale on the Northern coast.

“All had gathered in on the fields of Vale, and some even sued for peace, but there was never any peace to be had in the harsh lands of the North. All must be killed and the ground could start anew. The armies of the Nine had gathered from the south and begun to march. The men of the north fought stubbornly being themselves outnumbered, and begun to win back the ground they could have lost. But the glory of Pelor was upon the armies of the Nine and as the king pushed the front of the line the army was bolstered and the oposition were forced back all the day. On the sea shore they again sued for peace, but they had come out too far in defiance of the Gods and all were put down at nightfall.”

The Northland has been officially part of the country for more than a century, but this was the same thing that happened to all of the other colonies in your invasion. Some of you know this because you were on the other end of it.

This is a brief history of the world. Happy to fill in more information if you ask for it, but all of your characters would have read at least these parts of the book.


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